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The Bayh-Doyle Act requires that all government-funded inventions be reported to the awarding federal agency. However, compliance with this requirement is not always enforced and even when inventors do follow the requirements, the sponsoring agency doesn’t always do a good job of tracking its own IP portfolio. Using Safinia, we have helped the government double the number of patents that they were aware of receiving federal support. 

We used Safinia to shine a light on research trends.

Uncovering meaning from data.

The National Institutes of Health fund scientific research intended to make basic scientific discoveries that ultimately lead to measurably improved health. However, it is difficult to track the long-term investment once science moves out of the lab and into practice. Lexical used Safinia to discover how NIH investment is realized in the clinical practice guidelines issued by insurance companies, providing leadership with a unique view of how NIH is changing clinical practice. 

Discovering hidden trends.

Due to the vast amount of scientific literature that is already published (with more being published every day), policymakers are under increasing pressure to make decisions with far-reaching consequences. The amount of available data exceeds what any one person or group can control. So, we stepped in and used Safinia to shine a light on research trends that illustrated areas of over-funding and under-funding. This data has been used to focus large research budgets that shape entire fields of research.

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Safinia is a secure, cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enhances people’s abilities to make high-value decisions quickly. 

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