Step into the Future with Safinia®

Safinia is a secure, cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enhances people's abilities to make high-value decisions quickly. 

Safinia’s suite of collaborative AI tools provides decision-makers in the life sciences with the real-time knowledge they need to drive health research and innovation. Safinia’s features include Entity Awareness, Research Intelligence, and Decision Assist. 

The Many Sides of Safinia

Natural Language Understanding

No more filters or checkboxes – Safinia connects people to answers by understanding their search and returning the right information. A single question is worth a thousand clicks.

Entity Awareness provides the ability to recognize and disambiguate people, places, and things (drugs, diseases, devices, treatments, organizations) across and within data sets. Messy data is automatically cleaned and linked using state-of-the-art machine learning and computational semantic models.

Safinia provides the real-time knowledge you need to drive health research and innovation.

Research Intelligence enables proprietary data overlays against a vast biomedical research and funding landscape to identify unique touchpoints and insights that no one else has into custom data sets.

Decision Assist uses artificial intelligence to collaboratively determine areas of research that actively inform forward decision making. Decision Assist uses highly scalable machine learning techniques to organize and present the knowledge that it learns from very large data sets.

The Safinia Effect

Safinia is used by decision-makers at all levels of the research enterprise to drive science and innovation forward. 

Your Journey Starts Today

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